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I just  quoted Avenue Q in my Race and Ethnicity paper... I think that means I'm going to Hell.
Who 's the master of everyone's lovelife except his own? That's right, me 

I'm like fricken' Zanna. 

Jill will owe me her firstborn by the time we're done with this.
I just turned Othello into a teenage drama about students at a high school for the arts, who are battling each other in a play competition. There's romance, backstabbing, and lots and lots of drama. 

Is it sad that I think this could actually WORK!?!?!?

Anywhere you go let me go too...

YAY! All done with work!! WOOO HOO!
I'm finished until God knows when. That is a good feeling...

So I'm looking at the majors again. For Medical School... I technically can major in anything. Which is super cool. 

But right now, I'm looking at an Anthropology major with an emphasis in biomedcial ethics. (It exists, I checked, neat huh?)

And I'll just take the bio classes needed. Apparently the requirements are found online for what you need. 

I'm excited now. 

Time to read! 

Sep. 17th, 2007

So apparently the Emmys were last night... And I didn't know. Hm... This is a mystery.

They gave an award to Izzie. That makes me smile.
 Well, it's time for another funfilled day of rehearsal. I'm amped. 

I tryed the 50's hairstyle, but didn't get it quite right. So now i'm sitting with a shit ton of gel in my hair. Cheap bulk gel that smells bad. Ah well. My hair isn't going to go anywhere.... 

I'll post more later!! SEE YA!
I saw those videos, and LOVED them, so I thought I would share them with all of you. Jill will probably be the only one to get it though...